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  • ABS (1.75mm) Hunters Orange
  • ABS (1.75mm) Tangerine Orange
  • PETG (1.75mm) Black
  • PLA MAX (1.75mm) Pirate Black
  • PLA (1.75mm) Faded Orange
  • PLA (1.75mm) Sparkly Semi Translucent Green
  • PLA (1.75mm) Sparkly Semi Translucent Purple
  • PLA (1.75mm) Sparkly Semi Translucent Orange
  • PLA (1.75mm) White
  • PLA (1.75mm) Silver Grey
  • PLA (1.75mm) Grey
  • PLA (1.75mm) Silky Gold
  • PLA (1.75mm) Carbon
  • PLA (1.75mm) Clear
  • PLA (1.75mm) Wood
  • FDM Printer - Default Settings - LH: 0.2mm - Infill: 20% - No Support - Skirt: 10mm - Perimeters: 2 - Top/Bottom: 4